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Honey Do List: The end of time

The end of time is upon us.

Well, daylight savings time anyway.

We will “fall back” this weekend, so now feel free to be confused about the time for a while. But, hey, “falling back” is way more convenient than “springing forward.” It’s much more fun to “accidentally” be an hour early for church, school or work than to be an hour late.

This is also a good time to jiggle your brain about some things that should be attended to before the early darkness and winter weather set in.

Is your outdoor lighting working properly? Are entrances and walkways well lit? This important from a safety and security standpoint.

Solar lighting is a great tool for areas where there is no electricity or if you just don’t want to do any wiring. Line walkways and steps so that guests won’t stumble, illuminate dark corners of the yard, or even light up large areas with wall-mounted flood lights.

Many people use the time change for a reminder to check their smoke alarms, especially now that we are going into prime fire season with heaters and fireplaces coming back into use. Most smoke and fire alarms have a test button to try out the siren. If the batteries have been there for a while, replace them with fresh ones. Replace any smoke alarms that are over ten years old, as the sensors can go bad over time.

Do you have a good flashlight in the house? There actually should be several that are in good working order. Place them by each bed and at exit points. Even kids should have a flashlight at their disposal. Choose one designed for kids that has the batteries secured or sealed in. If you buy new ones, invest in LED lights. These are more durable and brighter than older styles. Prices have come way down as well.

Thank you, Ben Franklin, for all this confusion with the time, but we can handle it. Remember, help is just around the corner at your local hardware store.

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