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Hopson shares artistic talent with community

With so much national attention on the Star Spangled Banner and the refusal of some prominent athletes to stand when it's played, Russellville resident Brenda Hopson decided to put her artistic talents toward bringing attention to our national anthem.

Hopson, who lives on Marlin Street, painted her wood fence with the music and words of the Star Spangled Banner next to another painting of the American flag waving in the wind.

There's been so much news about people disrespecting our flag and national anthem, I decided it needed painting and that's what I did. Now, people who drive by can see our flag and be reminded about our national anthem. I just thought that was important,” Hopson said.

Hopson and her husband Larry have five children, 15 grandchildren and six step-grandchildren, so you might not think she has much time to paint, but it's actually her passion.

Her home is filled with paintings of scenes Hopson painted from pictures and some she just envisioned in her mind.

After one look at her beautiful artwork, you might think Hopson was born with her talent, but actually, she started painting as a hobby 34 years ago. She has served as substitute teacher for Melissa Grissom, the art teacher at Russellville High School. And Hopson credits Waco resident Doris Bowling for helping her hone her skills. Hopson took art classes from Bowling for several years at her home.

Now, my house is like an art gallery. I just love painting,” Hopson said.

Hopson has another painting of an American flag on a storage building in her yard. That flag commemorates the military service of three of her sons. Keith and Terrance served in the United States Air Force and Joshua recently completed a tour with the United States Army.

When Hopson painted the flag and words to the national anthem several months ago, she said it drew a lot of attention.

There were people who stopped when they were driving by and one of my neighbors watched me paint the flag,” Hopson said.

In addition to being wife, mom, grandmother, great-grandmother and artist, Hopson is a fixture at most Russellville City Council meetings.

I want to know what's going on with our city government,” Hopson said. “If others felt that way, we'd all have a better understanding of what goes on in our community.

And I'm still working on a leash law in Russellville,” Hopson added.



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