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Save up, or get a mortgage? Dear Dave, I’m 28, single, and I just became debt-free. In addition, I make $70,000 a year and have the equivalent of six months of expenses set aside for emergenci...read more
Help them help themselves Dear Dave, My parents have always been bad with money, and recently they lost their home to foreclosure. They found another place to live, and they both work, but since the...read more
You’ve made the move and gone out and bought a new pressure washer, and you just can’t wait to get started on all those cleaning projects. Now, before you jump into anything, STOP, take a ...read more
…..What then? We all know the rest of the story. Some of you may be taken aback when Paul Harvey would always say that on the radio. I know I was. Anyway, I can say, I have made a lot of lemo...read more
First, lay a solid foundation Dear Dave, When is it okay to have a little fun and buy things you want when you’re following the Baby Steps plan? Kaitlin Dear Kaitlin, The time for a little ...read more
Why not short-term disability? Dear Dave, Why don’t you recommend having short-term disability insurance while doing the first three Baby Steps of your plan? It seems like a good time for it, ...read more
There is one great power tool that I’m finding many folks adding to their home arsenal: Pressure washers. These machines, used properly, can make quick work of cleaning siding, brick, driveways ...read more
When you ask senior citizens about differences from their childhood to life in America in 2018, many will mention the increased government role in our day-to-day lives. And it doesn’t matter wh...read more
Finally...surely....maybe, spring weather is here. I know many of you are digging out the mowers, trimmers and tillers. If your equipment doesn’t start, run or idle properly, consider the follow...read more
Laptop dilemma Dear Dave, My husband and I are just starting Baby Step 1 of your plan. Prior to this, we told my two nephews we would buy them laptop computers for college. They don’t get a lo...read more
Spring cleaning means spring screening. Torn window screen will let all kinds of critters in, so here are a few tips for replacing window screen. The spline is the rubber tube that is pressed around ...read more
Expenses, not income Dear Dave, I bring home $4,100 a month in military disability pay and Social Security combined. My wife brings home an additional $2,000 each month. Should we base our emergency...read more
It’s coming. I can feel it in my bones. Well, not really. What I really feel as I write this is cold and damp, because it’s 30 degrees in April. But, just as sure as there are cows in Tex...read more
There is so much negative talk about guns these days. This brings to mind something I read recently. If you don’t give up your car because others drive drunk with theirs, then why do you have to...read more
Getting rid of the car Dear Dave, How do you sell a vehicle with a lien amount that’s higher than the actual value of the car? Michael Dear Michael, First, you need to find a way to cover t...read more
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