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As the temperatures are still lingering near the lower end of the thermometer, let’s continue to look at plumbing pipe. PVC/CPVC has been around for a while now. Both are easy to handle and ins...read more
Renting to family? Dear Dave, I have cousins who are thinking about moving back to Connecticut from Virginia. They’ll be renting for a while, and I have an unoccupied rental house. Do you thin...read more
Mortgage ratios Dear Dave, Do you have a guideline ratio for mortgage debt to income?  Levon Dear Levon, When it comes to buying a home, I always tell people to get a 15-year, fixed rate mor...read more
We’ve all heard the phrase, “You just need to leave well enough alone!” That means a lot of different things to me. Maybe you’ve been told to speak only when you’re spok...read more
We’ve seen a lot of burst water pipes in the last few days, as we experienced our first real frigid temperatures of the season. Who knows? Here in Alabama, we may or may not have seen the last ...read more
Business issues and family Dear Dave, My father-in-law started a business as an LLC few years ago. He named all his daughters owners, with him owning the majority share. The business failed, and now...read more
Nothing is prettier than a red cardinal sitting on a tree branch in a fresh snow. Soon we may be treated to sights like these as we head into our traditionally winter-weather months. Here are a few ti...read more
WOW! Only about five days left until Christmas. That’s very hard to believe. Hopefully your tree is trimmed, your stockings are hung, and you’ve just about finished your shopping. Of cours...read more
Every Christmas, I try to give a gift to my boys and grandchildren that will bring back special memories of me after I’m gone. The negative side of this is that it’s often something they d...read more
Gift cards for grandkids? Dear Dave, What’s an appropriate amount for gift cards to send each of our five grandchildren for Christmas? Liz Dear Liz, How much do you spend on your grandchild...read more
Christmas and other holidays can certainly be stressful for us, but what about the pets who find their space invaded by strange visitors, trees in the house, funny-looking packages and unfamiliar smel...read more
Stay intense! Dear Dave, I just accepted a new job that will pay me $30,000 a year more than my old position. I’ve got about $55,000 in debt I’ve been working hard to pay off, and I know...read more
Budgeting for holiday happiness Dear Dave, My wife and I are trying to improve our finances by living on a budget and following your plan. We’re in the middle of Baby Step 2, so we’re wo...read more
Last week I wrote about rat and mouse traps, so in keeping with that topic let’s take a look at poisonous baits. The standard used to be pellets and granular baits that came in boxes that made ...read more
It’s a dream, not a plan Dear Dave, I’ve been trying to save cash to buy a home, but things always seem to come up that eat away at my savings. I have $130,000 set aside, plus an emergen...read more
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