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Every day we live, work and play in many different environments, come into contact with many people and handle many different types of materials. We, generally, have little control over the cleanlines...read more
Married or single, budgeting is the key Dear Dave, Do you have any tips for how single people can stay on track with their finances? Deb Dear Deb, The first thing I’d suggest is the same ad...read more
Aren’t they beautiful? One of the most beautiful times of the year in our area is when the leaves change color and, of course, fall to the ground. It’s nature’s annual process of re...read more
Driving at night is tough!!! With the time change and driving home with it getting dark earlier, I was talking to my husband, Johnny Mack, about how tremendous a problem night driving is. I don&rsquo...read more
Touching their hearts Dear Dave, What are some ways to teach pre-teens the value of giving versus getting during the holiday season? Phil Dear Phil, As a parent, one of the best things you can do...read more
Time to leave the day job? Dear Dave, I make about $25,000 a year in my day job, but I have side jobs as a personal trainer and a DJ. I’ll make about $10,000 this year as a trainer, and $25,00...read more
The end of time is upon us. Well, daylight savings time anyway. We will “fall back” this weekend, so now feel free to be confused about the time for a while. But, hey, “falling bac...read more
It’s that time of year again, when the leaves start falling, the days grow shorter, and pumpkin spice is everywhere. It’s fall y’all! And, as we start to slow down, we don’t ne...read more
The temps have dropped significantly, and the sun is disappearing more quickly these days. One way to extend the the evening’s outdoor activities is with a fire pit. Marshmallows, hot dogs, gho...read more
What’s the difference? Dear Dave, What’s the difference between a credit union and a bank? Jake Dear Jake, A bank is owned by stockholders. When the bank makes a profit–and they...read more
Vacation home for rent? Dear Dave, What is your opinion of buying a vacation home, then renting it out when you’re not there? J.P. Dear J.P., I see nothing wrong with it, as long as you&rsq...read more
Zone heating is the process of heating your home in needed areas, rather than running the central unit to heat the whole thing. This process can save you a lot of money and save precious resources. G...read more
I have found that a yard sale is a great place to buy a picture for a few dollars. Even if I don’t like the picture, it’s much cheaper to replace the picture. You can use a picture from a ...read more
He’s becoming a man Dear Dave, My son is about to go off to college, and I’m concerned about how he’ll handle his money when he gets there. We’ve taught all our children how ...read more
This week is “National Fire Prevention Week,” and the emphasis this year is, Every second counts, Plan 2 ways out. The NFPA is encouraging folks to draw a map of their home and plan two wa...read more
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