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My Take on This: Are we getting smarter or just lazier?

I have found that a yard sale is a great place to buy a picture for a few dollars. Even if I don’t like the picture, it’s much cheaper to replace the picture. You can use a picture from a calendar, magazine or the front of a blank card. I have now turned an ugly picture into a pretty one.

I have even bought one for the frame only and thrown the picture away. Most of us know the price of a frame well exceeds a yard sale price.

I’ve wanted to replace a long curtain with a valence. I wouldn’t recommend putting one in a yard sale that can be cut to the required length, or dyed or tinted a different color. Its only expense would be the cost of the dye or tint, which is not only simple but saving.

I remove buttons from blouses and dresses that have passed the point of repair. Buttons can be placed in a Zip-loc bag, and they not only take up very little space but also are easily seen when needed.

When I lose a button on a favorite blouse or dress, I just remove all the buttons and replace with matching ones. Problem solved. The buttons I removed are placed into the bag for a future emergency.

Buttons also make perfect eyes for a homemade doll or sock puppet. Just imagine the variety of colors you could have to choose from.

When I was young, a hold in my clothing was patched. Now I’m more stylish if I tear a hole in my jeans. No patches are needed, and I’ve increased the value of my jeans to twenty dollars.

We have got to be very careful of what we hem, too! Even hems are not always in style. Just cut off the bottom and leave as is. Whether it folds under or frays on the end, it is now considered “boutique clothing.” [That simply means it sells for more.]

So, have we become lazy or smarter as time goes on? I’m not sure.

Never throw a garden rake away if the handle has broken. Just remove the broken handle. Use sandpaper, if needed, to remove rust. Wipe clean with an old T-shirt that you have cut into pieces to use as rags [I hope]. I would use a rust-free high-gloss spray paint, but of course the choice is yours. Hang it with the forks pointed up. It makes a very pretty and practical way to hang necklaces.

I saw this idea at a friend’s house. Well, I have the garden rake. All I need is time. You may have these items, but not the time. But, as a rule, if we don’t finish the projects, no one else will.

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