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My Take on This: Change is rarely wanted but sometimes needed

It’s been very difficult for me to put into words the reactions to two major changes that took place at our annual Spruce Pine Day on Saturday, October 21.

Emotions of sadness and disbelief overtook any thoughts of those two moves even being logical at that time. You see, I knew even before Spruce Pine Day about the changes that would take place, but the feelings that came over me when I could actually see what they looked like were like a knife to my heart.

After all, it was just an empty spot where the stage used to be and the bands played for years, right? To add to my misery were friends leaving early because they were so upset. I had been somewhat skeptical about this change myself, but the hurt and the sadness of others was so overwhelming. How could this small move create the feelings we were experiencing? It sounds impossible, but I not only felt it but also saw what it did. So, yes! It was very possible.

Some were even asking me why we weren’t having music this year. I told them about it being relocated behind the community center and told them Buford Parker would be playing first and the band KREEK would play the remainder of the day. Everyone had become accustomed to seven or eight different bands playing a variety of music at Spruce Pine Day, including country, country rock, oldies, gospel and bluegrass.

The absence of County Line Band and the Fairlanes affected many. After all, they had become like family to us, and you all know how much you miss family members who aren’t at get-togethers. Well, I was deeply affected, along with others, by their absence. As a matter of fact, my insides hurt for days after. I just hope they have found out by now how much they were missed by so many, myself included!

On that note, I do want to mention that there was never a negative remark made about the band KREEK. In fact, I heard many compliments throughout the day. They were really good! So it had nothing at all to do with the band itself; having only one band play the entire day was the reason for people’s disappointment.

I had been in charge of the band scheduling for the past few years, but that was simply because no one else wanted to do it. There was finally someone this year who wanted the opportunity. Our newly elected president brought new ideas, and there is only way to see if they work. So he put his plans into action. The two major changes were the relocation of the stage and only having one band play all day.

I have to admit, as long as I allowed my heart to carry these changes, I just couldn’t accept them. It was so mind-blowing to me. [I know. I can hear most of you saying how it wouldn’t take much to blow my mind, but we are not discussing how my mind works at this time, so I’ll press on.] It was not until I removed my emotions from the changes that part of them became clearer.

Relocating the stage was a good move.

There is a small rental house that sits behind the former stage location. When the bands were changing, it blocked the driveway. Those renters would have to wait to get in or out of their own driveway. Logic tells us how selfish we were being. The band needed more room. Thus, the relocation of the stage now makes sense.

Another reason was to solve the complaints of the food vendors near the stage. It was difficult to communicate between the buyers and sellers. They can’t move because of the power sources required, but the band stage could be moved. Doesn’t that make sense? Well, of course!

Should we not be putting the bands’ needs above our own wants? Besides, they are providing our entertainment free of charge.

I only hope you will see that the relocation of the stage makes sense and was long overdue. Changes that affect the heart aren’t easy to accept. It will require a different mindset and letting go of our selfish ways.

Now, concerning the change to having only one band play all day—I didn’t take a liking to it, and neither did many others. I really suggest we bring back County Line Band, the Fairlanes and KREEK. As for the rest, I suggest the person in charge next year can choose the others. We really need our family back with us, please!

I know we will never make everyone happy, but our common goal is to get ass close as we can. And, yes, change can be good!

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