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The Honey Do List: Shark bite

We’re not talking Jaws here, and this type of shark bite won’t ruin your summer vacation. These plumbing fittings are quick, durable and the coolest thing to hit the plumbing industry in a while.

Last week we talked about the advantages of PEX plumbing pipe. When you combine PEX with “Shark-bite” fittings, most plumbing jobs become much easier.

“Shark-bite” fittings simply push on the end of the pipe, and they grab on with stainless steel teeth as an o-ring compresses to form a water-tight seal. Of course, they are available in a variety of sizes and styles including elbows, male/female adapters and in-line valves.

These fittings can be used on many different types of plumbing pipe, and they are color-coded to make applications simpler. The plastic sleeve in the end of the fitting may be white for regular PVC (which is white in color), almond for CPVC or copper, or gray for polybutylene (which is gray).

“Shark-bite” fittings can be removed and reused using a special tool. They can also be rotated on the pipe after assembly without harming the connection.

The most important factors to remember on installation have to do with the condition of the pipe. It must be cut square, smooth and clean. These fittings can be placed inside of walls, under floors and even buried in the ground. It is recommended that you wrap or insulate any buried fittings.

When it comes to hardware and plumbing, someone is always coming up with a better idea. In this case, it appears they really did well.

Next week, the remedy for polybutylene pipe. Remember, help is just around the corner at your local hardware store.

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