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Honey Do List: Buttercups and tuneups

The groundhog may have said spring would be delayed, but the buttercups certainly seem to disagree. To me, those sassy splashes of yellow are saying, “Spring is here,” and I like it.

As an Alabama homeboy, I know those flowers can get fooled, and a dusting of snow and frigid temperatures aren’t out of the picture. But I think it’s time to get the lawnmowers ready. Those mean machines have probably been dormant for a few months, and they need a little TLC before they are put into service.

Remember, engines are much like us. They need proper nutrition (oil, fuel and grease), they need to be able to breathe freely (air filters), and they need regular checkups (blades, tires, etc.).

Hopefully you put some type of fuel additive in your tank last fall or drained the tank. Fuel is not fresh and should not be used in small engines after 30 days. Cranking the equipment periodically over the winter will help by circulating fuel through the carburetor and engine.

Consider draining the tank and adding fresh fuel. Check fuel filters for blockage and discoloration. These filters are cheap and easy to change if there is any appearance of blockage.

Change your oil and filter either in the spring or fall. Refer to your owner’s manual for the proper oil for our area.

Many times dirty air filters are the sole reason for an engine to not run smoothly. If the filter appears clogged or dirty, change it. Again, it’s an easy fix and inexpensive maintenance. Never run an engine without an air filter properly in place.

Tires that are underinflated will cause the mower to cut unevenly or scrape the ground. Also, look for cracks that may indicate dry-rotted tires that will probably go flat soon.

Clean the deck over and under. This will give the best air flow and move the grass clipppings through the system. Blades should be sharpened or replaced for the new season. Don’t forget the grease. Many machines have grease fittings on wheel hubs and spindles as well as blade housings. Refer to your owner’s manual.

Here’s to a new season of trouble-free cutting, and remember, help is just around the corner at your local hardware store.

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