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My take on this... my childhood days made for some great memories!

Hello to my faithful followers!
I’d just like to remind you how much I appreciate your kindness you have shown me throughout the past years. Please know that your continued support makes my “heart happy” and is a motivator when I need that “extra push” to keep on.
This past week I’ve thought a lot about my childhood days when out Vitamin C came from being outside in the sunshine. Most kids today will take a Vitamin C tablet while sitting indoors with an iPad or playing games that plug into the TV and get very little exercise.
I never asked for much, but I can still remember my “unspoken wish” of wanting a swing set. I was fortunate enough to live close to my friends who had one, so I was able to enjoy swinging and going down a slide. I was so glad I got to play on one sometimes. It was better than nothing.
Well, I did have a swing. My brother and I would tie a strand of twine around a cherry tree limb. The drawbacks to that kind of swing was it would come untied a lot and sitting on that this twine was very uncomfortable. Needless to say, I did a lot of readjusting to my behind trying to find a spot that didn’t hurt. That wasn’t really too bad though because the fun of swinging made that all bearable.
Going to homes with a porch swing was fun also! I loved them and the best part was getting to swing when it rained. I was in my late forties before I ever had one but I can say the words, “It’s better late than never,” hold a lot of truth to it.
Another fun thing of my childhood was something called a “jumping jack.” My brother and I would use two planks of wood to lay on the ground. Another plank which needed to be longer and wider would be placed on the top but crossed over in the opposite direction. Then a person would stand on each end while one jumped making the other go in the air. That’s all it was to it. The harder one would jump the higher in the air the other person would go. Staying on the board was important because falling off would usually result in skinned ankles or legs and that didn’t feel good. Those things were so much fun!
Another thing about a jumping jack is how easy it was to convert to a see-saw. Remove the top board and add one or two on the bottom ones. Place the plank back on top and you now have a see-saw.
Childhood days seemed less stressful back then. Our mother’s were friends, so the kids were together playing outside and getting needed exercise without even realizing it.
Yeah, life was really good! I’m off to make more memories. So always,
Until later...
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