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Collection fees drive solid waste budget

An overview of the FY 2017-18 budget for the Franklin County Solid Waste Department shows total revenue of $2,604,900 and total expenditures in the amount of $2,471,921.25.

The Franklin Free Press obtained a copy of the FY 2017-18 Franklin County Solid Waste Department budget, and the primary revenue and expenditures are outlined below.

The largest revenue source for the department comes from solid waste collection fees, which account for 46 percent of revenues, or $1.2 million dollars.

The next largest revenue source is the $540,000 that comes from the City of Russellville for garbage collection fees. Dumpster fees are expected to bring in $395,000 in revenue, and landfill fees an additional $200,000, according to budget projections.

Other revenue sources include: State grants ($6,000); municipality solid waste fees ($65,000); medical solid waste disposal fees ($25,000); delinquent account penalties ($42,000); bad debt accounts ($10,000); ADEM fees ($10,000); lease/rental revenue ($22,800); sale of county property ($50,000) and reimbursement for worker’s compensation, insurance claims and phone calls totaling $6,100.

On the expenditure side, the largest expense is salaries and wages, totaling $790,505.80. That expense is followed by contract services at the Franklin County Landfill ($490,000), diesel fuel ($170,000), health insurance, repairs to road equipment ($145,000), ($144,674), billing and collections for the department ($80,000), equipment ($72,000), worker’s compensation premiums ($65,000), Social Security ($63,151.19), solid waste containers ($50,000), land improvement ($40,000) and repairs to building and land ($40,000).

After all listed expenses, there is a carryover of $132,978.75, if no additional expenditures are required during the fiscal year.

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