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Franklin highway budget tops $3 million mark

A review of the budget for the Franklin County Highway Department shows total anticipated revenues for fiscal year 2017-18 in the amount of $2,958,983.65 and anticipated expenditures of $3,338,244.96.

The resulting shortfall, of approximately $379,000, is expected to be made up with a fund balance carryover totaling $383,957.

There are two primary sources of revenue for the Franklin County Highway Department, the seven-cent per gallon gasoline tax and a four-cent per gallon gasoline tax. Franklin County Engineer David Palmer explained that there are different restrictions on how monies can be used from each of these taxes, with broader discretion on the seven-cent tax.

Within the revenue sources on the seven-cent tax, which accounts for $930,000 of the $1.323 million, also include transfers from the four-cent tax of $150,000 for equipment rental and $55,000 for materials, Palmer said. Other revenue sources are $73,782.24 from the State of Alabama for the engineer's salary, $35,000 for project engineering and inspection, $58,000 for sale of petroleum projects, $10,000 sale of other county property, $5,000 revenue from local governments and $4,328 from national forestry receipts.

Salaries and wages comprise $719,956.33 of the $1.970 million of expenditures on the seven-cent tax. Other primary expenses include: equipment ($135,000); health insurance ($108,869.36); gasoline ($90,000); overtime pay ($73,681.10); retirement ($62,046.91); Social Security ($64,149.37); consultant fees ($70,000); herbicides ($45,000); county commissioner salaries ($44,916.48); worker's compensation ($35,000); tires and tubes ($20,000); computer software maintenance ($15,000); utilities ($22,000) and motor vehicle insurance ($22,000).

Within the four-cent gas tax list of revenues are: $535,000 from the gas tax itself; $38,000 from motor vehicle license fees; $118,000 from petroleum inspection fees; $32,000 from excise tax on motor fuels; $260,000 from a five-cent gas tax; $182,373.41 in federal aid revenue and $90,000 in Alabama Transportation and Rehabilitation Program reimbursements.

Four-cent gasoline tax expenses consist mainly of costs associated with road maintenance and improvement and include: $583,000 on road building materials and supplies; $70,000 on pothole patching materials; $150,000 on equipment rental (four-cent tax projects); $150,000 on materials (four-cent tax projects); $200,000 for contract labor and equipment; $165,000 for contract L&E (surface treatments) and $140,000 in matching benefits for projects.


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