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Most area businesses score well with recent health ratings

When a customer walks into a restaurant or other food serving establishment, the big red number posted on the wall can either reassure them of their decision or have them question why they ever walked in the door.

These big, red numbers represent cleanliness and food health scores graded by Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) inspectors on a 100-point scale. The scores, by Alabama law, must be posted in plain view. 

Establishments with scores of 85 to 100 are considered to be in “satisfactory compliance” and are routinely inspected. Establishments scoring between 70 and 84 will be inspected again in 60 days, and those scoring between 60 and 69 will have another follow-up within 48 hours. Any establishment scoring below 60 will be immediately closed.

Areas of inspection by the ADPH include management and personnel; food storage, preparation, and service; equipment, utensil, and linens cleanliness; water, plumbing, and waste; poisonous or toxic material storage; and an inspection of the physical facility or property.

Given the most recent health scores, patrons of Franklin County restaurants and other food serving enterprises can be confident that when they walk in to dine the area will be sanitary and the food will be prepared and served properly.

None of the 15 Franklin County operations listed in the most recent food and lodging establishment health ratings scored below 85, making them all within satisfactory compliance.

The highest score for a food service establishment was 98, given to Piggly Wiggly in Red Bay, Vulcan Food Mart on Highway 24 in Russellville and La Cabana on Hwy. 75. The lowest grade among food service establishments went to N&F No. 2, Inc., 9224 Hwy. 243, in Phil Campbell. That business graded at 89. These are based on inspections done from January 1-8, 2018.

Inspections of Franklin County businesses, with critical item violations noted, resulted in the following scores:

--N&F No. 2, Inc., 9224 Hwy. 243, Phil Campbell, 89. (Improper insecticide used—discarded).

--Vina Convenience Inc., 7454 Hwy. 19, 89 . (BBQ sandwiches out of temperature range).

--Price Less Foods #493, 15160 Hwy. 43, Russellville, 92. (Cleaner stored above drinks—moved).

--Piggly Wiggly #87 Deli, 3625 Broad St., Phil Campbell, 92. (BBQ and hot dogs out of temp—now in temp or using time instead of temp).

--Burger King #10859, 15455 Highway 43, Russellville, 95.

--Little Caesar's Pizza, 13655 Hwy. 43, Ste. A, Russellville, 95.

--J&L Convenience and Bait, LLC., 23791 Hwy. 24 West, Russellville, 95.

--Los Primos, 105 Marion St., Russellville, 95. (No tissue in restroom).

--Piggly Wiggly #87, 3625 Broad St., Phil Campbell, 96.

--Marty's Meat Market, Inc., 85 Scotty Moore Dr., Russellville, 97.

--B&J Cafe, 1327 Shellnut Loop, Phil Campbell, 97.

--Piggly Wiggly Market #93, 518 4th Ave. SW, Red Bay, 98.

--Vulcan Food Mart, 28485 Hwy. 24, Russellville, 98.

--La Cabana, 10047 Hwy. 75, Russellville, 98.


Of the 19 businesses inspected the first week of January, 2018, in Colbert County, all but two received scores of 90 or above. The two that scored below the satisfactory range were:

--Darby's Deli, 401 Cox. Blvd, Sheffield, 78 (Kitchen hand sink inaccessible, no hot water at kitchen hand sink, prep cooker holding various deli meats, tomato basil soup and queso dip being held at 90 F, hands not properly washed prior to handling).

--Foodland Plus Deli/Bakery #130, 104 Town Plaza Shopping Center, Sheffield, 84. (spray bottle of Lysol stored with food items, open deli case holding various deli items).

Health ratings are available at www.foodscores.state.al.us, and may be viewed by city or county.

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